Decimal, binary and hexadecimal converter

Decimal Binary Hexadecimal Converter

This page allows you to convert a number using the decimal, binary or hexadecimal notation.

The first field is for decimal numbers, it will accept character from ‘0’ to ‘9’. The second field is for binary numbers, it will only accept the ‘0’ and ‘1’ characters. The third field is for hexadecimal numbers, it will accept characters from ‘0’ to ‘9’ and from ‘A’ to ‘F’ in uppercase or lowercase.

You can type or paste the numbers in these three fields and they will be converted directly.

Decimal (base 10) number: (characters accepted: 0123456789)

Binary (base 2) number: (characters accepted: 01)

Hexadecimal (base 16) number: (characters accepted: 0123456789ABCDEFabcdef)

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